Excerpt from Chapter 15 Beyond Armageddon:

…Leeanne switched on the television to World News at Six a.m.  The camera focussed on the pain filled face of the news presenter as she spoke of the disaster.  “At precisely seven-thirty a.m., Los Angeles time, on the eighth of November, the American State of California suffered the most catastrophic destruction of land, cities and human life that history has ever seen.”  The presenter cleared her throat to gain composure.  She could feel herself coming apart, and continued: “From Tijuana in Mexico and San Diego to Los Angeles and up past San Francisco, the entire West coast of California has been destroyed by a giant earthquake.  There was no Richter scale reading available as all equipment was destroyed.  All communications with Los Angeles and San Francisco are out, the whole of North America is in a state of emergency.  The President will address the Nation within the hour.”

Tears fell from the News Presenter’s eyes as she said: “God help America and her people.”

Leeanne turned as she heard the heavy sobbing behind her.  Bethany, her mum and aunt were comforting each other in the doorway.  Aunt Mapel looked up with red, watery eyes, as Dean walked towards them.  Between her sobs, she cried, “We will be staying.”


Excerpt from Chapter 17 Beyond Armageddon:

…All around the world, fear and uncertainty was starting to escalate, with newspapers declaring: “WHAT COUNTRY WILL SUFFER MOTHER NATURE’S SCORN NEXT?” and “IS THIS THE APOCALYPSE?”

Religious broadcasters were urging people to turn to God and pray for the Earth’s survival.

On November twenty-ninth, around the countryside of Northern Japan, several earth tremors were felt. These destroyed some farmhouses; fortunately there was no loss of life.  Two days later, stronger tremors were felt in Southern Japan, still with little damage and no loss of life.

Tokyo was taking no chances and proceeded to implement a major evacuation plan.  The Japanese Seismology Bureau was recording similar low magnitude tremors all over the country to what had occurred in California.

In downtown Tokyo, huge corporations were urging their employees to take a vacation, take their families and leave Japan for a few weeks.  Some of these corporations and large businesses were closing their doors and preparing to leave the City.  Many small shop owners ignored the warnings and stayed declaring ‘business as usual’.

Within eight hours of the earthquake warning, every plane, train and bus was overflowing with frightened passengers eager to leave the city.  In Tokyo harbour, cruise boats, tankers and even houseboats were taking thousands of people aboard in preparation for evacuation to nearby islands and South Korea.

The same scene was repeated in Yokohama and Kobe.  Across the Korean Strait, the cities of Pusan, Kwangju and Seoul were preparing to take evacuees.  China was watching intently as fear and panic started to take hold of their neighbouring country of Japan.


Excerpt from Chapter 3 Beyond Armageddon:

“Can you save India, it is dying?” pleaded Shiva with fear in his eyes.

Dean held his hand. 

“As long as man has faith and courage in his heart, India will never die.” Concern crossed Dean’s face, as he continued, “No, I cannot save India, but man can try to save himself if he looks into his soul and finds the God within.”


“Sanjay! Sanjay! (Enlightened one) over here…it’s Gopal, quickly Sanjay!”

Dean pushed his way through the tight maze of rickshaws, excitedly looking for Gopal’s long scrawny face and unkempt beard.  Gopal wore a red tattered turban around his head, his chest was bare above his baggy grey cotton pants and the wide smile revealed the same brown stained teeth.  Dean hugged the tired sweaty body.  It was good to see an old friend.

“How long you stay in Delhi, Sanjay?” said Gopal, smiling widely.

“Only two days, I want to take a slow sail down the Ganges to Kanpur.”

Gopal’s smile turned to worry and he shook his head.  “Oh no Sanjay, the Ganges is terrible now, full of death from the famine, the water is very low…the Ganges is dying like the rest of India, Sanjay.”

Dean didn’t answer, he just hoisted himself up into the rickshaw. 

“Where you go Sanjay?” said Gopal as he proceeded to push his way through the heavy traffic.

“Into the city, anywhere, I just want to feel India again, I won’t go to a hotel, I will sleep somewhere under the stars tonight.”

Dean sat back and drank in Delhi, a city situated on the banks of the Yamuna River, a tributary of the Ganges.  A high stone wall erected in 1638 surrounded the City, which was approached through several arched gateways.  Once inside, one was confronted with a maze of congested narrow streets, alleyways and the ever-present bustling bazaars.  Half way along Chandri Chank (Silver Street), the main thoroughfare of the City, Dean asked Gopal to stop.

“Let’s just sit here and watch the traffic,” said Dean to a bewildered Gopal. “You want to sit and watch traffic? That is strange,” said Gopal, as he pulled the rickshaw to the side of the road.  Dean sat down on the road and crossed his legs.  “Come and sit with me Gopal.”

Gopal watched in amazement as the young Australian took out two plastic bottles of orange juice from his bag and offered one to him.  They sat on the side of the road for about twenty minutes, watching the traffic and drinking the juice, amid strange stares from passers-by and traffic honking at the unusual scene in the middle of the busy thoroughfare.

Later in the day, they passed by Jama Masjid (The Great Mosque) with its tapering minarets and bulbous domes, which dominated the skyline.  As the late afternoon sun faded, leaving behind a heavy humid haze hanging like a deep grey veil over the City, Gopal stopped outside the old Red Fort.

Dean stepped from the rickshaw and gazed at the high red sandstone wall…within, the magnificent Imperial Palace once served some of India’s Mughal Emperors.

Dean held the vision of splendour within his mind.  He didn’t have to walk inside, he could see through to the Grand Royal Alcove with its jewel-encrusted marble walls.  The magnificent masterpiece of Mughal architecture, the Pearl Mosque…the white marble walls – he would remember it all.


“Now, lay down beside me and I will tell you a story from a time long, long ago – about the love of two teenagers named Aanyota and Zaiot who lived on the ancient island of Atlantis.”

Kavita curled herself up like a kitten on Dean’s strong muscular chest and listened in awe to the story of Aanyota and Zaiot and most importantly, how they experienced the pleasure of spiritual sex, just by touching each other with love.

Dean placed his lips on hers, and their breathing filtered through until they breathed as one.  Gently, he placed his hand on her maiden part and kept it still.  Kavita did the same to him.  They lay still and quiet, only their minds and souls were binding together as the love they felt started to flow through their bodies.


Excerpt from Chapter 4 Beyond Armageddon:

He looked at every man around the table as he spoke.  “If we had taken notice forty years ago when The Visitors warned us, this could have all been prevented.”

“You’re wrong Sien, no one could have stopped nuclear power, that’s progress,” interrupted a voice from the table.

“Those empty eyed aliens have been a menace all along – this is our bloody world, not theirs!” another voice, filled with anger shouted.

Sien sat quietly.  He understood well that the weakness of mankind was his ignorance and closed mind.

The massive worldwide UFO cover-up had gone way back to 1947 in President Truman’s time.  The Roswell incident that happened on the evening of July 2nd, 1947, when a bright disc shaped object, a flying saucer, was seen over Roswell in New Mexico, had been cleverly covered up. Even though pieces of evidence from various sources suggested that a spacecraft containing alien bodies had been found, the public at large accepted what the authorities told them…that it was just a weather balloon.

In the past four decades, there had been at least 80,000 reports of mysterious objects in the sky, and sightings of UFOs from hundreds of countries all around the world, and there was still no formal acknowledgment that they existed.


Excerpt from Chapter 28 Beyond Armageddon:

Ayers Rock was a hive of activity when they landed.  Thousands of people had gathered to say farewell.  Many brought small gifts and bunches of flowers, children had made drawings and small books as gifts for the Aliens to remember them.  The Aboriginals performed ancient tribal dances and chanted songs from their Dreamtime.  Over the air of happiness, a veil of deep sadness slowly fell as the time approached for departure.

Paul and Dean said their farewells to GP and Trish, Nathan, Yvonne and Alpha, Tina, Antonio and many others.  Helen and Carlos embraced their friend and brother.  Helen couldn’t stop the tears as she hugged Dean; Yianni was crying as he wanted to go with Dean and Dou Setta.  “Why can’t I come with you Uncle Dean?’ sobbed the boy.

Dean picked Yianni up into his arms and kissed his forehead, and then said, “Remember years ago, when I first went to Springbrook and you wanted to come, I told you then it was important for you to stay and look after the family; that you were the man of the house?  Well, even though you have your step-dad Carlos, to me, you’re still the most important man in this family.  Yianni, you are my psychic link, you are my communication with my family.  It is very important that you stay here on Earth.  When I return, we will spend all our time together and if I ever journey into space again, I promise I will take you with me.”

Somehow, what Dean said, calmed the boy and his tears stopped.  He waved goodbye to his Uncle, then ran to his mother’s arms.  Paul stood facing Bethany, Pearl and Aunt Mapel.  There was an awkward silence, then Bethany hugged Paul and kissed him lovingly, saying, “I love you Paul Evans, like I could never love anyone again, but I think you are absolutely mad, going on that space ship.  You don’t know what’s out there, it’s ludicrous!  Paul, look around at what we have here, what mankind has always dreamed of, a perfect world.  How could you leave it and me?”

Paul placed his hands on Bethany’s shoulders and looked at her beautiful ebony face. 

“I love you babe, you know how bloody much I do!  Don’t you see, I have to go, this is my dream, to go where no man has ever gone before, just like Star Trek and if there’s a fight in space to save the people on Earth, then I want to be a part of it, don’t you understand?”

These are just small pieces of the insightful and beautiful novel that should be read by as many people as possible, Beyond Armageddon  this is the author’s hope.